Sub is a Drum&Bass/Dub/Dubstep producer and DJ currently living in Innsbruck, Austria. Since 2007 he’s also known as being the founder of Syncopathic.Recordings, a label featuring artists like Equinox, Macc, Dj Trax, Nebula or Mendelayev amongst others.
Starting as a bassplayer in various crossover bands, he later became addicted to broken beats.
Sub’s productions are influenced by complex drumpatterns, heavy subbass and deep atmospheres, whereas his DJ-sets are more eclectic, embracing everything from atmospheric music, Good-Looking style and Drumfunk up to Jungle, Amen-choppage and Hardstep. (Words taken from


Releases: Syncopathic.Recordings, Subtle Audio, Rupture London, Alphacut Records, Alphacutauri, 457, Break Fast Audio, Audio Buffet, Pinecone Moonshine, Digi Lab, Plain Audio, Misspent Music, Modern Urban Jazz, Absys Records, Musicpark Records, Digibeat Music, Omni Music, …