Sub is a Drum&Bass/Dub/Dubstep producer and DJ currently living in Innsbruck, Austria. Since 2007 he’s also known as being the founder of Syncopathic.Recordings, a label featuring artists like Equinox, Macc, Dj Trax, Nebula or Mendelayev amongst others.
Starting as a bassplayer in various crossover bands, he later became addicted to broken beats.
Sub’s productions are influenced by complex drumpatterns, heavy subbass and deep atmospheres, whereas his DJ-sets are more eclectic, embracing everything from atmospheric music, Good-Looking style and Drumfunk up to Jungle, Amen-choppage and Hardstep. (Words taken from


Releases: Syncopathic.Recordings, Subtle Audio, Alphacut Records, Alphacutauri, 457, Break Fast Audio, Audio Buffet, Pinecone Moonshine, Digi Lab, Plain Audio, Misspent Music, Modern Urban Jazz, Absys Records, Musicpark Records, Digibeat Music, Omni Music, …