Kick ’em All

ANMA – Kick ’em All & Remixes (Syncopathic.Recordings) // Bandcamp


KICK ‘EM ALL” is ANMA‘s take on the sound of his alter ego Sub. An abstraction of Drum&Bass and its related styles. 

The “KICK ‘EM ALL” release comes with a set of remixes by two of ANMA/Sub’s long time companions Fre4knc and Double 0, both absolute masters in their field that need no introduction. 


SYNCO046 Kick ’em All

1  ANMA – Kick ’em All

2  ANMA – 60 Hz Stomp

3  ANMA – Witchdrum

4  ANMA – Diode Chatter


SYNCO047 Kick ’em All Remixes

1  ANMA – Kick ’em All (Fre4knc Remix)

2  ANMA – Witchdrum (Double 0 Remix)