Kick ‚em All

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KICK ‚EM ALL“ is ANMA’s take on the sound of his alter ego Sub. An abstraction of Drum&Bass and its related styles. 

The „KICK ‚EM ALL“ release comes with a set of remixes by two of ANMA/Sub’s long time companions Fre4knc and Double 0, both absolute masters in their field that need no introduction. 


SYNCO046 Kick ’em All

1  ANMA – Kick ’em All

2  ANMA – 60 Hz Stomp

3  ANMA – Witchdrum

4  ANMA – Diode Chatter


SYNCO047 Kick ’em All Remixes

1  ANMA – Kick ’em All (Fre4knc Remix)

2  ANMA – Witchdrum (Double 0 Remix)



released October 16, 2020


Written and produced by Andreas Mangweth

Kick ‚em All (Fre4knc Remix) – written & produced by Bertran van den Hoff & Andreas Mangweth

Witchdrum (Double 0 Remix) – written & produced by David Henry & Andreas Mangweth

Mastered by Macc at Subvert Central Mastering

ANMA – Kick ‚em All & Remixes // Chain D.L.K. Review


Artist: Anma
Title: Kick ‚em All & Kick ‚em All Remixes
Format: 10″ x 2
Label: Syncopathic Recordings

Originally cutting his teeth on drum’n’bass production with the alias ‘Sub’, Anma’s style has evolved over time into deeper and more experimental territory. However he acknowledges that “Kick ‘Em All”, as an EP, has shades of the former styles in the melting pot as well- certainly not in the tempo, but absolutely in the crisp subbass and sharp production that pervades through the 4-track EP.

The title track is a rolling 87bpm behemoth driven by a relentless non-4/4 but steady kick pattern, with tense alarming atmospherics over the top. “60Hz Stomp” is about 10bpm slower, making it feel like a d’n’b track at halfspeed, with a similar kick-centric tone and slightly more complex pattern, but essentially more of the same.

“Witchdrum” takes the balance a little differently, still subbass-rich but concentrating more on the sinister, soundtrack ebbs and flows of minor synth chords, a modern-day witches-chanting-around-the-cauldron theme for the post-rave generation. “Diode Chatter” is slower again and has a slightly more upbeat robotic swagger to it, with shades of grime, and a really bold, 90-degree turn in its later breakdown.

The package is backed by a couple of real d&b remixes that are bundled separately. Fre4knc’s take on the title track is a straight-laced and energetic take that adds in the rest of the percussion around the original kick and revels in the more fun side of the robotic and electronic sounds. Double 0’s take on “Witchdrum” is far darker, twisting the pulsing atmospherics of the original quite a lot and giving a more aggressive form of menace.

There’s an irony, or a deliberate idiosyncrasy to the imagery of the delicate flower used in the artwork. There’s nothing fragile about this release. This is beefy dark kick-heavy electronica with bite- more of a venus fly trap than a rare orchid.