the syncopaths vol 4

The Syncopaths Vol. 4 // Cassette & Digital


Contrary to its predecessors the fourth part in the „The Syncopaths“ series is unrestricted in genre and tempo. The commonality in this selection is the unique soundsignature and style each individual artist is known and respected for.

A1 Dyl – Neuroticism
A2 Selm – Stank
A4 Senking – Sheets Of Ice
A5 Andrea Taeggi – Teagarden B

B1 Nic TVG – Distorted Thing
B2 ANMA – Bateleur
B3 Pokk! – 502
B4 Pheek – Emphasis


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released May 8, 2020

Neuroticism written by Eduard Costea
Stank written by Selm
NLTN written by Dylan Brownsword
Sheets Of Ice written by Jens Massel
Teagarden B written by Andrea Taeggi
Distorted Thing written by Nic Taylor
Bateleur written by Andreas Mangweth
502 written by Pokk!
Emphasis written by JP Remillard

Mastered by Macc at Subvertcentral Mastering


The Syncopaths Vol. 4 // Chain D.L.K. Review

Artist: V.A.
Title: The Syncopaths Vol. 4
Format: Tape
Label: Syncopathic Recordings

While previous releases in the “Syncopaths” series had a theme or a commonality of genre and tempo, volume 4 in the series is a label sampler in the more traditional sense- nine tracks from the label’s artists designed to show off the breadth rather than the similarity in their work, and to hopefully snag some new fans into checking out the longer releases from each artist.

So while overall this is electronica, broken techno and post-dance- with glitches, thumping sub-basses, complex rhythms and anti-rhythms, noisy percussive sounds and squeals- there are plenty more details to keep things interesting.

Dyl’s “Neuroticism” kicks things off in dramatic fashion and sets the tone, with kicks and genuinely painful-sounding drilling noises. Selm’s “Stank” is noisy in a more subdued and threatening way, built around a relentlessly pulsing bass synth that’s crisply broken up and mangled serially.

After that though, things get a bit more calm, for a while at least. DB1’s “NLTN” blends a cerebral drumming pattern with rustling atmospherics. Andrea Taeggi’s “Teagarden B” is perhaps the most ‘conventional’ piece, a brighter-sounding bit of robo-house with a lovely foot-tapping groove, while ANMA’s “Bateleur” is a captivating and somewhat retro, radiophonic-style exploration of analogue (or an analogue for analogue) electronic loop patterns with a velvety buzzing bass tone.

The compilation wraps with two longer and meatier pieces, just above ten minutes each. Pokk!’s “502” starts in the analogue space before stepping along progressively, tweaking noise generators at a walking pace on a nicely casual musical stroll. Pheek’s “Emphasis” is structurally similar, with a more digital tone and an unusual wallowing in underwater-style processing.

A good blend of consistency with variety across this 56-minute compilation makes it a strong showcase for a label clearly unearthing some very interesting electronica.

The Syncopaths Vol. 4 // Electronic Beats Romania Review


Compilația include nouă artiști emergenți din muzica electronică experimentală de azi.

Spre deosebire de volumele precedente, cea de-a patra parte din seria „The Syncopaths” nu are nicio restricție stilistică, de gen muzical sau tempo. Compilația scoate în evidență caracterul distinc al fiecăruia dintre producători.

Compilația e disponibilă digital și pe casetă, via Bandcamp.

Despre Dyl am mai scris și cu alte ocazii. Muzica lui, un hibrid drum n bass ce încorporează și field recordings din cotidianul artistului, dezvăluie un ambient abstract ce este mai degrabă o introspecție sonică. Cu influențe în eclecticul obscur Autechre și Aphex Twin, soundul lui Dyl nu poate fi încadrat într-un gen anume, iar el se folosește de fiecare ocazie pentru a face lucrurile puțin diferit, ceva non-repetitiv.

The Syncopaths Vol. 4 // The Moderns One Sentence Review


Andreas from ANMA presents another entry in his fascinating compilation series – this one features rough-around-the-edges electronics from Andrea Taeggi, Dyl, Pokk! and more.